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Roadside Flowers 1:10

See how they brighten the sterile ground of the byway.

Are they not a testament to beauty in this rushed world of asphalt and automobiles? Can one not help but see them and think, if only for a moment, that there is so much more than one's quick life of time schedules and destinations, which after all, will only be forgotten the very next day?

See how these delicate blossoms adorn the small white cross reminding you that a profound event took place on this spot that you pass each day on your way to seemingly important business.

"Someone made an unforeseen and final stop here," they whisper into each driver's ear.

And all that is left a man are his humble roadside flowers and his anguished warnings to a hurried planet that his little girl and her mommy saw their last day on this ground, made hallowed, by the passing of their souls.

See how the shining purple ribbons wave in the wake of each passing car.

           A. Garcia-Dávila - Santa Rosa, November, 2000

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